Teacher Learning and Leadership Program

OTF is an active participant in the Teacher Learning and Leadership Program (TLLP), an initiative of the Ministry of Education. The program provides funding to experienced teachers for professional TLLP logodevelopment and leadership enhancement experiences and for sharing their learning with others. The applications for funding are considered by the Teacher Professional Learning Committee, consisting of representatives from the federations and the Ministry of Education.

Two-Day Training Session: Annually, OTF and Affiliate staff run a two-day training session, Leadership Skills for Classroom Teachers. Designed by OTF with input from the Affiliates, the session assists those teachers whose proposals have been selected for TLLP funding to develop the skills needed to effectively manage their learning projects and to share their learning with others.

Summit:  To follow up, OTF organizes a culminating summit where teachers share their completed projects. Held in November each year, the Sharing the Learning Summit is always a great success.

Are you interested in being a TLLP participant  in 2017-2018?

Note: Applications for the 2017-18 TLLP cohort are due to school boards/school authorities by November 18, 2016. All that you need to apply – and more – can be found by following the links below:

For assistance in building your TLLP proposal, check out the following (in MP4 format):

TLLP Research

See what the research says about the benefits of the TLLP by reading the research studies by Drs. Carol Campbell, Ann Lieberman and Anna Yashkina:

Final Report of the 2015-16 research study

Final Report of the 2014-15 research study

Final Report of the 2013-14 research study

Findings of the initial 2012-13 research study

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