Joining the Circle: new and exciting COPA and OTF resource for educators

COPA (le Centre ontarien de prévention des agressions) is proud to release the new multimedia toolkit, Joining the Circle. This new resource was designed to support safe, strong and free classrooms and schools. It was created by COPA in partnership with the Ontario Teachers’ Federation through a grassroots approach in collaboration with First Nations, Métis and Inuit families and community leaders, and educators.

The project is funded by the Indigenous Education Office at the Ontario Ministry of Education.

Topics for discussion and reflection include pride and identity, understanding racism and discrimination, building and strengthening relationships with families and nurturing safe and healthy schools and communities.

First Nations, Métis and Inuit Elders who guided COPA, introduce the project and share the meaning and beauty of the circle and Joining the Circle.

To order the Joining the Circle toolkit, go to the COPA eBoutique.  The kit has a limited run and is free of charge while supplies last. (COPA does charge for shipping.)

All materials related to Joining the Circle are also available online at