Teacher Candidates

OTF Teacher CandidatesIf you are a teacher candidate, OTF’s Survive & Thrive virtual resource centre is for you. The website contains hundreds of practical, hands-on resources on useful topics such as classroom management, special needs students, working with parents, occasional teaching, assessment and reporting. There are website links, audio and visual presentations by experts in education and message boards where teachers can converse with each other about their work. Participation is free.

Click here for the OTF Guidelines Regarding Harassment Complaints That Arise During Practicum Placements

OTF EdvantageWant to get great deals on travel, entertainment, electronics, cars and loads of other items? Edvantage is the answer. The program, administered by the Ontario Teachers’ Insurance Plan, is available to not only to OTF members but also to teacher candidates in Ontario’s faculties of education.

Check out the Edvantage program.

You will need an OTF/Edvantage membership card. Talk to your student association president about this.

If you are looking for a job, check out the OTF Employment page.